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Lava Tube Cave Tours

Explore the Lava Caves near Bend, Oregon!

Phase 2 Reopening Policy: Face Masks are required inside the cave

Did you know there is a vast network of caves near Bend, Oregon? Strap on a helmet and headlamp and join our naturalist guides for a fun, educational, underground adventure! These tours are a great Bend, Oregon family activity.

Please Note: We do not visit Lava River Cave (operated by the Deschutes National Forest)

Adventure: Wanderlust Tours is the premier destination for cave tours in Bend, Oregon! Join us on this epic subterranean tour on Bend’s ponderosa pine-studded high desert. Our renowned naturalist guides will highlight sweet bits of these cool caverns that might not initially meet the eye. 

Naturalist Guided Experience: During our 2 hours underground, in the darkest, quietest spot earth can provide, we may impart an understanding of the region’s geology- how massive volcanoes created these wonders. Or we might share how the cave habitat provides for creatures important to human life. Your crew will be energized with revelations about natural and cultural history that’ll keep your mind humming with delight long after you return home with fond memories of the tour.

Caves: Bend’s lava caves have a delicate ecosystem that few have experienced to the fullest! Wanderlust Tours is the only guide company permitted in these special lava caves. These caves are also wild, meaning they do not have a paved path or lighting. Closed-toe shoes are recommended for navigating the uneven rocky surfaces.

Supplementary Info


$95 per person

$70 children 11 & under


Recommended for children 5 and older


June 1 - September 30
9:00 AM | 2:00 PM | 8:00 PM

October 1 - May 31
9:00 AM | 1:30 PM | 7:00 PM


Departing from our office, 20-25 minutes one-way

  • Professional naturalist guide & award-winning interpretation
  • Gear: Helmet, headlamp
  • Transportation: to the cave
  • Layers: Warm layers— the caves are cool!
  • Miscellaneous Gear: Close-toed shoes, water bottle, camera

Please Read: White Nose Syndrome in North America

In March 2016, WNS was found in Washington state. Wanderlust Tours is committed to cooperating with state and federal agencies, as well as conservation groups, to provide information to the public on the value of bats and the threat posed by WNS. Some of our Bend-area caves serve as winter hibernaculum, and we will not visit these caves. We operate year-round cave tours in caves where our bats do not hibernate. WNS does not affect humans in any way. Learn more about WNS in the United State here.

$95.00 - per Adult
$70.00 - per Child
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